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If you are a Singaporean you probably know all about Reuben Fong, our new player done good, grabbing the title of National Champion of 2012.
If you are an international player, you might not know him unless you played him in this year’s World Championships.
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What is the Japanese No.1 tournament?
A special tournament on the last day of the Tokyo Battle Carnival. Participants were the winners of the previous Battle Carnival tournaments and the survivors of the Last Chance Qualifiers.
The format was Single Elimination, BW-on

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10 Questions with Xavier Chua

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Interview

Continuing our spotlight on Singapore’s Worlds participants we have yet another Top 16 contestant-Xavier Chua. Having shot to local stardom by earning an invite to Worlds by Championship Points alone for the 2012 season he performed even better by beating quite a few well established, international names during his Swiss rounds. As a side note, any local terms which might be unknown to our international readers have wikipedia links embedded.


10 questions with Clifton Goh

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Interview

Welcome to the start of a new series on Flip or Die. “10 questions with” aims to highlight Singapore’s outstanding players. Whether they are multiple tournament winners, up-and-coming stars or solid contributors to the community, it’s time for them to come out and give their frank opinions on their game!

The inaugural interview starts off with a bang as I interview Singapore’s most famous player Clifton Goh, alternatively known as Medziddo and Xincloft. He very kindly took time out of his busy schedule as a freshman in university to grant this interview. (more…)

Here’s the second part of what I had wanted to write: A look at the decks of the metagame around the Battle Carnival (BC) period in Japan.


They do claim that imitation is the best form of flattery.


2013 Fall Regionals Report

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Report
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It’s going to be Winter y’know. Not that it matters in Singapore.

I had been testing a variety of Eel-based decks prior to Regionals, mainly because I was living on a budget and had no spare cash for all the new-fangled stuff. I reluctantly tried out RayEels even as I’ve hated relying on Eeletriks ever since Darkrai’s release. While playing solitaire I ran into frequent problems, such as a lack of energy in discard pile T2, which only reinforced my conviction it was strictly inferior to Mewtwo/Eels variants. However as I trawled the internet I came upon two rayeels lists which I thought would be good if I took their techs and put them in the same deck. After much flip-flopping the day before I decided to play RayEels because I had so much luck I should have been playing the slots in Vegas instead.


It wishes it looked half as cool as Blaziken