2013 Fall Regionals Report

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Report
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It’s going to be Winter y’know. Not that it matters in Singapore.

I had been testing a variety of Eel-based decks prior to Regionals, mainly because I was living on a budget and had no spare cash for all the new-fangled stuff. I reluctantly tried out RayEels even as I’ve hated relying on Eeletriks ever since Darkrai’s release. While playing solitaire I ran into frequent problems, such as a lack of energy in discard pile T2, which only reinforced my conviction it was strictly inferior to Mewtwo/Eels variants. However as I trawled the internet I came upon two rayeels lists which I thought would be good if I took their techs and put them in the same deck. After much flip-flopping the day before I decided to play RayEels because I had so much luck I should have been playing the slots in Vegas instead.


It wishes it looked half as cool as Blaziken

On to the matches!

Round 1: HammerTime
I talk to my opponent, scouting him out, and I find out he is a new player. So I make friendly conversation with him and we proceed to start the game in due fashion. He flips open a sableye to emolga and I’m slightly perturbed. However after my Call For Family he attaches an eviolite, catchers a tynamo and uses confuse ray. I quickly take the win by playing my hand to fill my bench, laying down skyarrow bridge and using Victini’s V-create. He later shows me his hand of crushing hammer, energy switches and if I remember correctly Mewtwo ex. I dodged a deadly bullet there.


I will tell you why this is so good in my next article

I will tell you why this is so good in my next article

Round 2: Eels/Cresselia EX/Zebstrika
We each give each other the cut of death and start off without supporters. Raikou ex and Raikou ex had a stare-off, with mine pulling off 2 Thunder Fangs(1H1T) while he attached to a benched Cresselia and evolved a Zebstrika and Eeletrik. He finally topdecks a N which failed to set him for better things. I manage to get my momentum going though and run through everything.


Round 3: Keldeo/Blastoise
I get paired off against the reigning Nationals Champion which isn’t a bad joke so much as karma for my easy 1st two rounds. It is his first time playing BW-on in Organized Play though. We both get off to slow starts but he has the T1 Skyla to Tropical Beach. I play down a SAB and N myself to something bad. Eels shows its resilience as I transform the early prize deficit to a 2-2 but all it takes is for him to pile energy on Keldeo for the win. He flips for SSU and fails. I survive the first loss scenario. He decides to N me instead of fishing for his last Energy Retrieval, hoping for the 2HKO or getting that retrieval. The cards I draw from N were Switch and Bianca which basically sets me for the win.


Round 4: Mewtwo/Eels/Tornadus EX
Now I’m playing against my playtesting buddy and close friend so I’m not happy in the least. Since we know each other’s decks inside out it just goes down to who misplays less and draws better, no guessing how many cards or techs he might have. I get the Emolga and Tyanmo start but have to go 1 turn without Call For Family as my hand as no energy at all. He gets the T1 Mewtwo+DCE+Catcher for the early lead and continues to take another 3 prizes while I take only one. It’s too late when Rayquaza is ready and he can Volt Bolt for the win if he grabs an energy off an N to two, which he obviously does.


Round 5:Mewtwo/Eels/Tornadus EX
I manage to get my Eels up and energy in the discard in a very strong start. However I made the biggest misplay of my life but using Rayquaza ex instead of Raikou ex to KO my opponent’s Tornadus EX with Eviolite, forcing me to send most of my energy into the discard. As she continues targeting my eels I end up short on energy and time is called at 3-2. I cant take 2 prizes as I’m out of catchers and I throw away a great game just like that. Still can’t remember why I would use Rayquaza.


I’m in your opponent’s deck, killing your tynamos

Round 6: RayEels
I was a tad worried for the mirror because I did not run the regular Rayquaza but I was confident my build could put me in front. I’m afraid of the donk with my lone tynamo start but he doesn’t get it. As expected, the early emolga tilts the game in my favor but here I made a less-than-desirable play. Deciding to use victini for the early prize on his Eeletrik, I catcher it up and am faced with a decision: Drop my 2nd emolga or just juniper it away to fetch 6 outs from a deck of around 30 cards. I’m worried about my luck so I decided to drop it and Juniper to get an Ultra Ball and a Rayquaza EX. This bites me in the ass as I have no space to lay down my Raikou ex to get it dynamotor’d.  It was a game I might have won in the end but as he catches up I lose the resource race, losing in yet another prize deficit on time.


Round 7: RayEels
In what can only be a consolation match, I dodge the donk by going first and take the early lead once again with Catcher+V-create to enjoy a relatively comfortable win.



Wilson for being a bro despite my condescending attitude at times to your complaining, and for the cards I borrowed
Maxsoft/Soon for organizing the event
Adrian for lending me the Ray EX
Jeremy for playtesting and offering me to lend me secret Ray in the middle of the tournament(Oh, if only I had asked)
あむ for the well wishes before the tournament and for inspiring me to play Victini

Myself for being a crappy player

  1. So I’m not the only one who had 3 straight wins to 3 straight losses. Yeah, sucks bad.

  2. insanejake says:

    Oh come on, knowing you it’s down to bad luck!

    • Kourtney says:

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