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Are you feeling lucky punk? This is my new project-Flip or Die

Contrary to its title, the aim of this blog is to reduce the elements of luck in the playing of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. How? It is my belief that information and knowledge are two factors in becoming better at the game and that it permeates to every level of play. I also like opinions, as there are many ways to approach the deck building and I will of course trumpet my way as the best way. Your opinion is also graciously accepted though so feel free to comment.

I will be posting on the the following topics:
-Deck lists
-Tournament reports
-Japanese metagame
As is typical for a first post here is a self-introduction by way of the OP history of myself:

I’ve been playing the Pokemon TCG competitively since 2004 after I stumbled into the first ever Nationals tournament organized in Singapore. Unfortunately I didn’t have a legal deck at that time but the aspect of high level playing of my beloved card game drew me in. As a Senior the number of players were few. Compared to most other players who treated Pokemon as merely a weekend affair I almost religiously browsed Pokeschool.com and Pokegym.net daily, then two of the best sites for information and devoted myself to increasing my deck building skill.

This paid off with a 2006 1st place Nationals finish and a 2007 4th place Nationals finish. I never made it to Worlds due to financial problems unfortunately. The Organized Play began to die off and I took a break from the game. In 2009, Organized Play returned with a vengeance and I worked my way to a 9th place finish at the 2010 Nationals, taking losses on games based on flips. I missed out on the 2011 and 2012 Nationals due to National Service, also failing to meet CP requirements. Hopefully this blog will track my progress to finally reach Worlds.

I will also be trying to recruit prominent local players to write guest articles as part of a drive to raise even more awareness of South East Asian players so please, if you think you have a opinion to voice feel free to contact me: jigokunobanken(at)gmail(dot)com


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