Rebuild of Poké: This is (not) Eye On Japan.

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Article
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They do claim that imitation is the best form of flattery.

I was going to post this on 6prizes in order to increase my readership. I went to their Front Page Contributor page and saw this “Note: Do not write articles focused on cards that have not yet been released in English.” Well, how am I to write about the metagame in Japan then? Though I desperately want more exposure for my blog I am a citizen who listens to advice and so I’ve decided to post it here instead. Apologies to the people(all 1 of you) who might be expecting to write on Rayeels first.

So what would you expect on this first part of this series?

    The rogue deck that made it to the 4th spot of the Japan No.1 tournament, Ghetsis’ O-face when he sees a mushroom in Sableye’s forest of illusion

A deck that’s not meta, very rogue and definitely very weird: SMAWVG, otherwise known as Ghetsis’ O-face When He Sees A Mushroom In Sableye’s Forest of Illusion. I had planned to cover the metagame too but the explanation turned out to be longer than expected.

This decklist and the rest that follow are graciously provided by my Japanese contact (あむ) Explanations were also written by him. I then translated quite liberally the original with some illustrations.

Pokemon: 16
3 Sableye
2 Mew EX
2 Amoongus (Plasma Storm)
2 Foongus (Plasma Storm)
2 Watchog EP
2 Patrat EP
2 Victini (Victory Star)
1 Emolga (Call for Family)

4 Ghetsis
4 Juniper
3 Skyla
2 N
1 Colress

Goods: 21
4 Crushing Hammer
4 Level Ball
3 Switch
2 Pokemon Catcher
2 Poison Hypnotic Beam
2 Virbank City Gym
2 Ultra Ball
1 Super Rod
1 Ace Spec:Dowsing Machine

Energy: 9
4 Prism Energy
3 Blend GRPD
2 Dark Energy

How is this? Do you understand the deck concept now?
Using Ghetsis→Astonish→Watcheck→Junk Hunt→Mew to copy your opponent’s attack→Watcheck as a loop
In the previous format this can be thought of as the same thing as Sableye.(Impersonate->Cyrus’s Consipracy)
Hand destruction and Scrying to keep the top deck in control.

Amoongus (G) 90HP
(C) Astonish
Flip a coin. If heads, choose 3 cards from your opponent’s hand without looking. Look at that card you chose, then have your opponent shuffle that card into his or her deck.
(G)(C) Miracle Powder 30
Flip a coin. If heads, choose 1 Special Condition. The Defending Pokemon is now affected by that Special Condition.

Although I knew this was strong when it was released, Ghetsis was not yet out. Therefore the deck was made with Hooligans Jim and Kas at first, but once the spoiler for Ghetsis was out I immediately made it with Ghetsis.
Ghetsis+Astonish will completely empty your opponent’s hand.
Miracle Powder is also strong, flipping heads and calling paralysis with Virbank is truly a horror among horror.

The next is Watchog

Somebody actually used me in a deck ;_;

Somebody actually used me in a deck ;_;

The main attack is Watcheck
You can look and rearrange the top5 cards of the opponent’s deck!
Very, very strong.

And the main attack, Mew EX

I'm not just for Accelgor anymore ;_;

I’m not just for Accelgor anymore ;_;

I’m sure all the readers will know the text.
Using its ability it can use Astonish, Watcheck and Junk Hunt. Not to mention it is a tank.
For those bemused at how Mew EX is a tank, it is actually quite hard for it die with 120HP and solely using Watcheck lololol
Even if it’s knocked out, it only means your opponent will get N’d and Astonished to 0 again.
By the way, Replace has good synergy in this! It can circulate energy stuck on Sableyes or Amoongus early-game during free turns mid-game、so you can begin attacking from the next loop.


Because you have no hand at all

Because you have no hand at all

The strongest supporter-Ghetsis. Ghetsis is really Ghetsis.
Leaving the opponent’s with less than 3 cards and then using Astonish is really Ghe-(omitted)

The space is really tight when it comes to trainers. Only essential trainers were put in.

This is obvious from the energy costs of the attacks and the distribution, but there is no “useless” energy
Amoongus can astonish even with a prism attached, and it can be redistributed later too…

Now, we come to the battle strategy!

With Poison/Virbank, Mew’s Versatile and Amoongus/Watchog’s secondary attacks, a mew with say, 3blend and 1 prism can use any attack and so KOs are to calculate. You can even time KOs on your opponent’s turn end. Well since you can use Watcheck you don’t really have to do that anyways lol

・The loop
Simple example:
2)Ghetsis to look at your opponent’s hand->Watcheck
(Useless trainers first, followed by energy depending on your Crushing Hammer in hand and the opponent’s field)
It’s ok to discard Dowsing Machine here.
3)Junk Hunt
What you pick up is based on your opponent’s topdeck
Top priority is Dowsing Machine
4)After Dowsing Machine, Ghetsis->Watcheck
Here your opponent will have 3 cards but they should all be trainers and returned to the deck.
With this you can increase the cards for Watcheck.
Lock them again with Watcheck
5)Whack them or junk hunt
6)Whack them or junk hunt
Go back to 4)

Mixing this with Poison Hypnotic Beam can accumulate damage.
You will begin to deck yourself after doing this for a while, however because you will discard unwanted pokemon with dowsing machine you can use dowsing/super rod with junk hunt to put 6 back in your deck. With this you can still continue to lock.
[End of explanation]
And that’s it for today folks! This turned out really long so please stay tuned for the next article!

  1. Kash says:

    Thanks… I’m definitely considering this deck when the new cards are released in U.S. Looks to counter anything… lately I only lose to lasers. I think they’re broken but if you can’t beat them, join them.

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