Japan No.1! Interviews and Decklists

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Translation
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What is the Japanese No.1 tournament?
A special tournament on the last day of the Tokyo Battle Carnival. Participants were the winners of the previous Battle Carnival tournaments and the survivors of the Last Chance Qualifiers.
The format was Single Elimination, BW-on

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Below is the transcript of the interview with the players who can be called the best in Japan, followed by the decks they used to claim that title.

Shuto Itagaki of the Junior League
Pokemon Card Reporter Rena(R)
Congratulations on your win today!
Continuing on being the World’s No.1, you are now Japan’s No.1. How do you feel?

Shuuto (S)
I’m happy, of course.

After becoming World Champion, were you confident of winning the tournament today?

I don’t think like that…probably.

Oh? Is that so? But drawing 3 prizes with Landorus EX’s Hammerhead was really brilliant ~っo(´∀`o三o´v`)o
What was the clutch card in the deck you used today?

If it’s a clutch card you’re asking, it has to be Skyla
Because it can get any card you want.

Then your favourite card must be Skyla then?

Nope, my favourite is N. Because you can play it in many ways.

I see. That’s why N is in your deck too (≧ω≦)
Speaking of which, your deck is really similar to the one you played during the World Championships 2012 right?[Ed’s note: Link here]

I normally do not play with low HP Pokémon actually.
I don’t like it when my Pokémon get OHKO’d.

That’s right, isn’t it。Getting knocked out on the first turn can throw you into despair (´・ω・`)
Which is the Pokémon with the lowest HP in your deck?

Bouffalant with 100HP

If the lowest has 100HP then you have no worries, huh?
And now, a word from you please

Again, I’m really happy to have been able to be No.1!

Thank you for your hard work during the tournament.

Thank you.

Shuuto’s deck:
Pokemon (10):
3 Mewtwo EX
3 Landorus EX
2 Tornadus EX
2 Bouffalant

T/S/S (37):
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
1 Skyla
3 cheren
2 Bianca
1 Colress
1 Ultra Ball
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Switch
4 Pokemon Catcher
2 Energy Switch
1 Enhanced Hammer
2 Max Potion
2 Eviolite
1 Scramble Switch
2 Virbank City Gym

Energy (13):
9 Fighting
4 Double Colourless

Masafumi Ariyoshi of the Open League

Congratulations on becoming Japan’s No.1
Firstly, what are your feelings now?

I’m so happy I could die!

That explains why when you won you went around to exchange hugs[with his 2 friends]
When did you guys start playing?

When I was around Primary 3? [9 years old] It has been more than 10 years.

Really?! You really played the game for a long time (゚Д゚)
Do you usually practice with each other?

That’s right. We also attend Gym Challenges[their league equivalents] and other official events
We live in Kyushu so we attend the events in Tokyo and Osaka.

Ooh, thank you very much!
From yesterday’s tournament up to today, you have been running very well.
Were you confident in becoming Japan’s No.1?

Nope, I wasn’t confident at all. Even among the 3 of us, I don’t think I’m the best.
Saying that, I wasn’t even confident of winning yesterday’s tournament.

That’s a surprise! So that’s how it is Σヾ(・ω・´;)ノ
Saying things like that, you must have brought a really strong deck.
What were the key cards today?

Rayquaza EX!
And stuff like Catcher.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Rayquaza EX’s damage, right?
What’s the highlight of today’s deck?

OHKOing EXes I guess.
If it’s Rayquaza he can provide the firepower.

If the metagame is built around EX Pokemon then playing a deck that can deal big damage is powerful, huh?
Which part of the game determined your victory in the final match today?

Drawing a Colress off my opponent’s N.
Felt like “I can do anything now” (laughing)

That was a real top deck wasn’t it~(´∀`*)
Was that your most memorable part in the whole tournament?

The most memorable scene would be when I got attacked by Bouffalant for 150 damage after the poison from Poison Hypnotic Beam!
[Ed’s note: He’s referring to Gold Breaker Bouffalant+Hypnotoxic Laser+Virbank City Gym]

Ah, that was one of the highlights
By the way, how do you usually build decks?

My friends here usually take charge of the deck building
This time round we predicted that Landorus EX wouldn’t be around.
If there were Landorus we would just scoop(laughing)

Your prediction was spot on today!
Usually what do you look out for when you build a deck?

In any case, avoiding dead draws.
After that, making my deck as shiny as possible!

Your deck is indeed blindingly bright!
Now, a word from you please.

Please hold a Battle Carnival in Kyushu!

Oh, we are terrible sorry (・ω・`;)
Congratulations again on becoming Japan’s No.1!

Thank you!

And Masafumi’s very shiny deck, apparently

Pokemon (14):
3 Rayquaza EX
4 Tynamo
4 Eeletrik
2 Rayquaza
1 Emolga

T/S/S (32):
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
4 Bianca
2 Colress
4 Ultra ball
3 Level Ball
4 Switch
3 Pokemon Catcher
1 Super Rod
1 Computer Search
2 Skyarrow Bridge

Energy (14):
9 Fire
5 Lightning


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