Introducing the Party of Six!

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Party of Six: the latest kid on the block of PTCG multimedia sites of which the Top Cut is probably the most famous. They also happen to be based in Singapore so I am duty bound to write about them.

Here’s a short summary of the currently active Party members:

Affectionately known as Jimmy by some international players, he probably requires the least introduction both locally and internationally. The rock star of the Pokémon fraternity. Famous for playing rogue in large events he enters top cut as regularly as some players change the shirts they wear.

Clifton G.
Not losing out in fame and rock star quality Clifton has brilliant insights in to the game with his regular play testing and brilliant mind, as can be attested here

Xavier C.
A strong love for Pokemon sparked by his girlfriend, Xavier is now one of the most solid players in Singapore.

So all in all an extremely solid line-up. Will they add new players? They are after all, the Party of Six(PoS). However, I shall leave such speculation to the reader. Perhaps he might even be motivated to do better so he can be among this team of elites.

If this has not tempted you already, the PoS has started off with a crop of 3 articles by Clifton, Ty Smith and Kenny Wisdom. If this marquee lineup does not send you bookmarking the PoS site now, I do not know what will. The PoS also seems to have video and music content coming up and although I have no idea how they could integrate the TCG and music it does make me curious.

One thing about their layout. Though I appreciate the custom graphics, the overall design feels like something made in 2002. Props to them for actually being able to do graphic design and HTML though. This writer can only rely on the basic WordPress theme.


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