Plasma Storm! The winds of change!

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Article

As Team Plasma approaches, new combinations and ideas will definitely be on players’ minds. I take a look at some of the decks I’ve seen mentioned in Gym Challenges Reports and discussed online.


I like to come out of left field and Zoroark/Darkrai takes the lead. At first a Darkrai variant that was quickly abandoned in favor of the one that ran only Basics, Plasma Storm has given it a new lease of life.
Why so? In a field dominated by Black Kyurem, Foul Play becomes overpowered. With Virbank City Gym + Hypnotoxic Laser(HTL), Zoroark can K.O. any Black Kyurem EX with a DCE or two Darkness energy. Alternatively, a Beam and a Dark Claw on Zoroark achieves the same effect.

Ninetales/Darkrai and Ninetales/Lugia
With the Virbank/Laser combo Ninetales becomes an extremely attractive complementary attacker. It has an effective 70 damage or 120 damage on a flip which means Ninetales can KO EXes after Night Spear damage without putting up two prizes up front. The Catcher effect when you evolve it is very welcome too.

Paired with Lugia, it again forms a cheap attacker. With other EXes such as Tornadus EX and Mewtwo EX or even Landorus EX, you can be sure of a well-rounded fighting force.


Focused on Mewtwo, Zekrom/Bouffalant and Zekrom EX this Eels variant is very offensively-orientated. Zekrom EX comfortably KOes all EXes after using a Laser and having Virbank in play.
Bouffalant and Zekrom can both hit for 150 and any opponent Pokemon EX will be knocked out if they do not remove Virbank or retreat.
Mewtwo becomes much more efficient and less reliant on Dynamotor for extra energy attachments. As a result, Mewtwo in PoisonEels plays much like those in Landorus or Tornadus variants.

Ether White Tea
The original version before it was adapted for use internationally and before Battle Carnivals proved the popularity of HTL White Tea. Ether provides high pressure starts at, one can say, the cost of playing Premonition lunatone and pokedex in the deck. While having less maximum damage output than virbank variants, Ether allows the player the possibility of the t1 Power Blast or t2 Land Judgement. One might even consider having his cake and eating it too by combining the two variants. Even if you whiff, there can be considerable psychological effects on the opponent.

Ether Keldeo
An idea I saw on Amu’s blog. Why wait for a t2 blastoise when you can go for the turn 1 keldeo? Using Mewtwo EX as a partner, there is nary an opponent you can’t donk or put crazy pressure on. However I do feel the deck might fall apart late game without consistent energy acceleration. Add Musharna for some more flavor.

Plasma Blastoise
My first candidate for BDIF, tied with the evergreen DCE/Eels in the Plasma meta. However we have received Black Ballista Kyurem earlier than the Japanese did at the time Plasma Gale was released. Outclassed in firepowered by the dragon, I still feel Plasma Deluge to be a strong contender nonetheless. Furthermore it fits the Plasma Storm theme quite well. The concept should be quite obvious. The standard Keldeo is supplemented by Articuno and Lugia. The former paralyzes while the latter functions as the clean-up. Lugia EX also forces the 7 prize game darkrai players love so much back into a 6 prize game with Overflow.

This is the end for now. I have been busy with real life matters and was unable to playtest, let alone write for the past three weeks. Fortunately things should be turning around. I will be making a trip to Japan in the near future and I will update the blog accordingly with my adventure to play the card game in the land of the rising sun

  1. sprucely says:

    That was an enjoyable read! I haven’t had time to test much either. I am curious though:

    Wouldn’t you have to have three energy on Zoroark to Foul Play Black Ballista? It says you have to discard three from Black Kyurem EX to do it, so I imagine the same rule holds with Zoroark?

  2. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation
    but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get
    the hang of it!

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