Disconnecting Singapore Cities by Goutham Jayaraman

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Guest Writer, Report
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Welcome to the first guest article on FoD! We have our very own Cities winner Goutham presenting us his report on how he took home the coveted trophy! Without further ado, here is his report!


  1.  Introduction
  2.  Deck Choice
  3.  Deck List
  4.  Tournament Report
  5.  Reflections


Hello everyone, I’m Goutham and this will be my first ever article! =)

A bit about my background, I’ve been playing Pokemon since the time Noble Victories came out.
I have seen some minor success here and there, making it to 3rd place at a Battle Rods and reaching Top 8 in the 2nd South East Asia(SEA) Regionals.
Yes, I know that isn’t much but we don’t really have that many major events in Singapore anyway.

Today, I will be bringing to you my 1st place Cities report where I used a deck that is rarely used and never seen. Our Cities took place at Games Haven @ Paya Lebar on the 30th of March 2013.

Deck Choice

My deck choice was one I was debating on ever since the 2nd South East Asia regionals that took
place two weeks earlier on the 16th and 17th of March.

At Regionals, I made it to Top 8 with a deck that most people considered rogue: Zekrom EX/Eelektrik. However, Zekeels had a horrible matchup against Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX PLS (BKB) because once they set up a Black Kyurem EX, they just dominate my Zekrom EX and it is often difficult for me to respond. In fact, my Regionals run was indeed ended by a BKB deck piloted by one of Singapore’s most respected players, Clifton Goh.

Not wanting to have to deal with BKB at Cities, I remembered when I used to play Rayquaza EX/ Zebstrika NXD/Eelektrik and I loved the control I had over each and every game I played with that deck.
With that, I decided it was time I gave my buddy Zebstrika another go, only this time, I paired him up with dear old Garbodor DRX instead. Yes, I used Zebstrika/Garbodor.

The synergy between Zebstrika and Garbodor is amazing. Without the use of either Items or Abilities, most decks just crumble and fail to work. Throwing in Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym into the mix further exacerbates the problems of potential opponents.
This is especially considering that if a Pokemon stays asleep from the Laser, it will be left for dead as there is NOTHING the opponent can do to rescue it.

What’s more, with the help of well-timed Lasers and Virbank drops, Zebstrika has the power to
ensure that his victims get Knocked Out coming into my turn.
This gives me a free hit on something else.
A notable example would be Lasering a Darkrai EX or Black Kyurem EX without Virbank.
This deals 40 + 10 damage going into the opponent’s turn and 10 more coming into my turn (60 total). Doing this three times ends up seeing the 180HP EX die coming into my turn.

Zebstrika also has the power to 2-Hit Knock Out 170HP exes with the combination of Laser and
Virbank 40 + 30 + 30 + 40 + 30 = 170

Deck List

I’m not going to give away my full deck list just yet as I want to encourage more creativity in the
Also, I might be planning on using this deck in the future still.
But ultimately the Pokemon I used are

  • 3 Zebstrika NXD
  • 3 Blitzle BC
  • 2 Garbodor DRX
  • 2 Trubbish NVI
  • 2 Tornadus EX
  • 1 Mewtwo EX

I played Exp Share and Giant Cape as my tools. However, I cannot reveal how many of each I
played. My Ace Spec was Scramble Switch although Dowsing Machine and Computer Search
works well in this deck too.
I played 4 Hypnotoxic Lasers and 2 Virbank City Gyms. I feel these are necessary for the deck
to work properly.

Tournament Report

Our Cities was to have a Top 16 cut.

Note : I don’t vividly remember my games so I apologize in advance if you played with me and see any mistakes here.
Please feel free to correct me in that case!
Also, to my Round 3 and 6 opponents, really sorry but I cant really seem to remember your names! It was quite a tiring day :/

Round 1 VS Kennard Tham with Quad Sigilyph
My first match was to be against the winner of the 1st SEA Regionals back in December 2012 where he used the same deck he was using now to pull off an amazing victory.

Starting off the match, I opened with my Mewtwo to his Tornadus and he attached and passed for the first two turns. I however couldn’t seem to find my Lightning Energy (In fact I Junipered late game and picked up 6 Lightning Energy) for the first 3 turns and got off to a slow start. I had to scoop eventually.
Things like this do happen but Kennard, being the nice player he is reassured me that he would see me in
top cut.


Round 2 VS Jake Tan with Zekrom Eelekrtik
I win the dice roll and Disconnect with Garbodor out Turn 2. Whiffing a Supporter on Turn 1 and
being unable to develop his field, this game fell into my hands pretty quickly. Sorry Jake!


Round 3 VS ? with Zekrom Eelektrik
He manages to get Eels out, but is unable to do anything other than manually attach to and attack with Zekrom.


Round 4 VS Joey with Darkrai EX
This was one of my more exciting and scary games. Things started off slowly for me as I opened with Mewtwo and took some time to set up Zebstrika and Garbodor. I can’t fully remember how this game went but we essentially kept trading blows throughout. Disconnect came in handy at times
to slow down his Darkrais from powering up (Under Item lock, the only thing Darkrai can ever do is attach one energy per turn).

The defining moment in this game was when he had one prize left and a damaged Keldeo (with 2 Water Energy and a Dark Energy attached on the bench) and needed a Catcher to take his last prize on my Zebstrika.
He played a Juniper with an 8-card deck and incredibly, his last Catcher was the 8th card.
Junk Hunting with Sableye for his turn, I Top-Decked my Scramble Switch and used it to hit the Keldeo with Lightning Crash for game. Good Game! Although I would have won regardless of my top deck since I would have had the option to Disconnect, I was incredibly lucky that Joey whiffed his
Catcher from an 8-Card Deck. Sorry for that endgame Joey and thanks for being really cool about it


Round 5 VS Jackson Tham with Landorus/Mewtwo/Tornadus
Finally a Big Basic deck that I honestly had never play tested against with Zesbtrika.
Unsure of how to approach this matchup, I draw my 7 Cards to realize that I didn’t manage to draw into a Supporter.
Unfortunately I start first and don’t have a chance to get Ned. The game goes downhill for me quickly as I continue to whiff a Supporter.

We did play a fun game afterwards and it developed with my Exes trading blows with his and us ending up at 2 Prizes each.
Then with a Zebstrika and Tornadus capable of attacking, I Catchered out a Landorus with no energy attached , Ned him down to 2 and just Disconnected for 20. He whiffed an Energy and had to pass. Another 20 onto the Landourus and the game was sealed henceforth as
his Landorus couldn’t retreat in time to save itself from being Power Blasted to death.


At this point I knew I had to win out both of my remaining games (The organizers initially announced
there would be 7 games) to make Top Cut. I checked the pairings for Round 6 and prepared for the
next game.

Round 6 VS ? with Durant/Klingklang
Although I never really got going the way I wanted (Ideally, I would Disconnect with a Laser for 70 Damage to knock out a Durant every turn), this match proceeded with Tornadus dominating once Garbodor hit the field, although my opponent was able to Tool Scrapper away both tools on my Garbodors before I could Disconnect.
He was also able to Iron Breaker the fight out of my Tornadus and the game slowly started swinging into his favour then.
I was able to knock out his Cobalion with Mewtwo I believe but that followed up with a Tool Scrapper and a Catcher on my Garbodor.
I only had one Switch left but thankfully drew it off my Prizes from my last Knock Out.
I followed it up with Zebstrika Disconnecting all the way finishing up with a Lightning Crash to take my last prize on a Durant.
An important thing to note is that he did play down a Pokemon Centre which was crucial for
me to heal off a Zebstrika that had been damaged by Energy Press, allowing it to survive two hits
once it re-entered battle.


Now the Organizers announced there would only be 6 games and I looked on at the Pairings for the
Top 16 and saw that I had actually made it in at 15th place. I honestly had to heave a sigh of relief

Top 16 VS Ryan Linardi with Cobalion EX/Klingklang
I could see Ryan was visibly frustrated with the Zebstrika, and I can only think he was really not
expecting to be fighting such a deck in his Top 16 match.

Game 1

The first game saw 3 Zesbtrikas and 3 Lasers destroy 3 Cobalion Exes for the game, although Ryan
was really unfortunate to stay asleep because of Lasers not once but twice on two of his Cobalions.


Game 2

I over-committed this game to get a Turn 2 Disconnect and played my hand down to zero, discarding
my only supporter. Although I top decked an N soon, I only had one Zebstrika attacking and Ryan
was able to take out the Garbodors I set up once the Zebstrika fell. I had to scoop this game
eventually when I ran out of Garbodors and Zebstrikas. Well played Ryan!


Game 3
Game 3 followed a roughly similar sequence as Game 1 with Zebstrikas (requiring 4 hits from
Righteous Edge and 2 from Steel Bullet with a Giant Cape attached) overpowering Cobalions and
Tornadus coming in to take the last 2 prizes. Good Game!


Top 8 VS Jit Min with Tornadus/Mewtwo/Cobalion

Jit Min was using a White Tea deck with Cobalion EX rather than Landorus EX and having won SEA
Regionals with it, I was quite daunted going into this matchup.

Game 1

Game 1 we both drew dead for some time but it did see Jit Min’s Cobalion eat up my Double
Colorless Energies(DCE) over and over again although I was able to keep attaching Energy constantly
to attack. After taking out his Tornadus EX with my own, and him taking out two of my Exes, I Ned
him down to 2 and me to 4. Using Zebstrika and Laser to Knock Out his Mewtwo EX, I was able to set
up a win condition with Zebstrika later, finishing up with a Lightning Crash on his Cobalion EX hiding
on the bench. This was quite the exciting game!

Game 2

Game 2 Jit Min started with a Lone Mewtwo. He attaches an Eviolite and a DCE and plays a Bianca. I
see him about to play an Ultra Ball but he retracts and just hits my active Tornadus for 40 Damage,
leaving his Mewtwo alone.

I look at my hand.

Virbank City Gym, Hypnotoxic Laser, Skyla, Ultra Ball, Blitzle, Catcher. All I needed was the DCE to
donk his lone Mewtwo.

I draw my card.


Good Game.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t see my Mewtwo in Game 1 as it was prized so it was actually the
right move to leave his Mewtwo alone. Really sorry for the donk there, Jit Min!


After my Top 8 match ended, I had the privilege to see my friends Terry Lin and Jackson Tham
battling it out at the next table and saw Jackon take the 1st game. Terry, using Klingklang managed to
make a comeback and eventually beat out Jackson in an amazing series however and that meant my
next opponent was to be Terry.

Top 4 VS Terry Lin with Cobalion EX/Klingklang

I have to say this match went a lot similarly to my Top 16 Match with Ryan as Zebtrika and Laser
proved yet again to be a devastating duet. Cobalions , unfortunately for Terry had 180HP and as a
result went in with 170 damage going into his turn and 200 coming into mine meaning I received a
free hit on another of his Pokemon.

The matchup between Zebstrika/Garbodor and Klingklang was definitely one of the most exciting
ones to behold and it was quite the pleasure that this match was recorded!

Game 1

An early Zebstrika and Garbdor allowed me to Catcher up his Klingklangs, slowly eating away at them
with Disconnect. I was able to hit one Klingklang up to 80 damage, then play down a Laser to bring it
up to 130, leaving it to get Knocked out coming into my turn. I then proceeded to do the same to his
2nd Klingklang. After wrestling down a Cobalion EX, I went down to 2 prizes although he had already
cleared 2 Zebstrikas by this point. However, knowing he did not play Tool Scrapper and seeing all of
his Rare Candies in his discard, I used Tornadus to take down 2 Kilinks that he had left on his bench
to try and get more Klingklangs out earlier for my last 2 prizes.


Game 2

I faced difficulties getting Garbodor into play and he was able to get his Gear Shift Klingklang out
which made it really hard for me to Catcher-Stall him. The tempo of his field built up to the extent
where my Zebras were unable to single-handedly deal with his Pokemon and once they fell, I had to
scoop. Still a really fun and close game.


Game 3

He was again able to get his Shift Gear Klingklang out and I did not get Garbodor out until quite late
in the game. I was however able to Laser and Disconnect one of Terry’s Cobalions and although it did
not fall asleep, the Giant Cape on my Zebra made it impossible for him to knock it out and he had to
leave his Cobalion to die going into my turn, which made a huge impact on the game.

I was able to knock out another Cobalion with the Zebstrika /Laser combo and Tornadus was able to Blow through a Klink for my 5th prize.
However, he managed to evolve the last Kilnk left on his bench into the PLS Klingklang and used his Shift Gear Klingklang to try and knockout my Garbodor.

Unfortunately, he flipped 2 tails, allowing me to switch out my Garbodor, Catcher out a Cobalion, Laser and Disconnect, giving me the win next turn.

Good games Terry! Really enjoyed them!


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to even make top cut, let alone make it this far!

Top 2 VS Jeremy Leong with Darkrai/Ninetales

I really liked Jeremy’s idea of using Ninetales in his Darkrai deck as it really just gives his deck so
many extra options normal Darkrai decks do not have, so props to him for coming up with it!

Game 1

He wins the die roll and gets going before I can really make an impact. He is able to knock out my
Blitzles and even plays Tool Scrapper to deal with Garbodor. I scoop this game before long.


Game 2

I start with a Blitzle active and attach to it. By the end of his turn, he has an active Sableye with
1 energy and a dark and he has a Darkrai and Keldeo benched, both without energy. He uses the
Sableye to knock out my lone Trubbish, leaving me with 2 Blitzles.

I Ultra Ball for a Zebstrika and evolve, playing an N afterwards.

I get the Laser and Virbank but whiff the Energy. If I had been able to Disconnect here, this game
would have been over, especially considering I would leave him no Energy in play and even without
a Sableye. Without a miraculous Turn 2 ending, the game goes on and he does get his Darkrai
powered up next turn. However, I am able to Laser it as well as get a Garbodor into play and the
Darkrai never wakes up. I am then able to knock the Darkrai out with Disconnect later. Unable to
recover from losing his Darkrai and forced into the lock, the game swings into my favour.


Game 3

First turn I start with a lone Trubbish but he starts with a Darkrai and is forced to play a Skyla turn 1
so I narrowly escape the donk.

This game proceeds with me using Trubbish to set up whilst he slowly builds up his Darkrai. He
is able to knock out my Trubbish and time is called. I Disconnect + Laser for 50 on Turn 0 and he
responds with a Keldeo to get out of poison and knocks out my Zebra, going down to 4 Prizes on
Turn 1. Turn 2, I use Mewtwo to knock out his Darkrai, equalizing the prizes.

Turn 3, he has a Catcher to bring up my Zebstrika with 60 HP left and Dark Patches onto his Darkrai,
going for an N.

He needs a combination of cards to get two more energy onto his Darkrai to take a prize and win the
game. He gets an Energy Switch but misses a Dark Patch and Energy.

Unable to take a prize, he sends out his Darkrai and passes.

I have 3 Skylas in my hand and a Mewtwo with 5 energy attached.

I play the Skyla and we shake hands.

Awesome games Jeremy! I know you will do well in States with that deck!


Going into this tournament, I knew one thing was certain about my deck. Nobody would really
know how to deal with it. That statement was really proven to be true as I could see some of my
opponents shaking their head, scratching their hair and making misplays that if they did not make,
would have given them a better chance to win. At the same time, I could also see my opponents in
the top cut were more than skilled enough to adapt to the situation and try to come up with a way
to get around the annoying zebra and my hats definitely have to go off to them for that. I really had

very fun and enjoyable games all the way throughout and each and every one I won was no easy

As for the deck, I feel like it is definitely a competitive deck even though maybe nobody really
thought it was. It’s match ups are solid across the board and it has the potential to recover even if it
starts off poorly. Yes, it can fall apart if I cannot get basics out fast enough and they are picked out
by Catchers, but that is a risk I had to take. The potential rewards however are worth the risks and
I will definitely keep testing and refining this deck. Maybe you might see me using it again in a big
tournament. Maybe.

I sincerely thank all my opponents I played with at Cities and all my friends who helped me playtest!
I really had a ton of fun at Cities and going through the whole of top cut was an unforgettable
experience! I hope to see all of you again at States!

Hope you enjoyed reading! =)

  1. kua chun huat says:

    The noob klingklang durant player passby, good game, i knew u only have 1 more switch left but i dont have N in the critical moment.
    Good to see someone who beat me win the tournament again, and hope to play with u again

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