Malaysia States Championships Winner’s Report by Jeremy Leong

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Guest Writer, Report

Hi everyone, my name is Jeremy and here is my report for Malaysia States that was held on the 11th of May.

Before I start on the report, I would like to take this chance to introduce myself. I have been playing Pokémon for 3 years now ever since the Luxchomp era. I have seen some success here and there throughout the time I was playing but this was the first “big win” I had in a premier event.

I am also from Team Lavender which consists of me, Xavier, Reuben, Pearlyn and Joshua. We are a group of friends that meet up quite often to playtest.

Deck Choice

Before the event, I took second place at Singapore cities with Darkrai/Ninetales, a deck which I had been testing a lot. Going into Singapore States, I decided to run Blastiose but went 2-4 due to me not being able to draw well at all.

Coming into this event, I knew that I did not want to play blastiose. No doubt the deck was hard to stop once it set up, but that deck had so many problems like bad matchups and bad draws. As I was expecting Big Basics and Garbador to be the Meta, I was not comfortable using Darkrai/Ninetales as I knew I would have to play bad matchups almost the whole day. This led me to make the choice to run Big Basics as it would be the safest as it almost had a 50-50 matchup across the board.

The night before the event, I was still testing with Landorus/Lugia/Ninetales. The deck was running good but had a very tough matchup against Tornadus EX. After a few games I decided to drop the deck as I felt that the deck was good but not good enough to win an event. I ended up playing FuRinKaZan which otherwise was known as Big Basics with Ninetales. Props to Clifton for coming up with the deck idea and Belp for helping me with the deck list. The idea of the deck was to use your Big basics to put on early pressure and Ninetales serves as a cheap attacker, a klinklang counter and a free Catchers. Here is the list I used:


3 Tornadus EX

3 Landorus EX

2 Mewtwo EX

2-2 Ninetales

1 Bouffalant


4 Juniper

3 N

3 Skyla

2 Bianca


4 Hypnotoxic Laser

3 Switch

3 Pokémon Catchers

2 Energy Search

2 Max Potion

2 Energy Switch

2 Ultra Ball

2 Virbank City Gym

1 Level Ball

1 Super Rod

1 Super Scoop Up

1 Dowsing Machine


5 Fighting Energy

2 Fire Energy

4 Double Colourless Energy

The synergy between Landorus EX and Ninetales is too good to believe. After a hammerhead, Ninetales could swing for 150 with virbank in play with a single fire if u flip heads. This Kos any EX in the format. Landorus is also good with bouffalant as the bull can swing for 150 with just a Laser and virbank in play. 2 Max potion are in here to ensure that I can heal off any damage when I need to. Combine this with energy switch I can retain my energy . Moreover, most attackers in my deck only need a single energy to attack.

Tournament Report

I am sorry if I can’t recall all the games as I am writing this report 2 days after the event!

Round 1 VS Goutham ( Zebstrika/Garbodor/Tornadus EX/ Mewtwo EX)


He went first and opened Trubbish and Blizle to my Landorus EX. He then went to search out for a Tornadus EX attaches a lighting energy to it and passes.

On my turn, I attached a Fighting to my Landorus, benched a Vulpix and use Pokémon Catcher on the benched Blizle. I also play my supporter and whiff on the Laser to take a KO. I then hit the active for 60 and 30 on his Tornadus.

He then evolves into Zebstrika and retreats to his Tornadus, attaching a DCE and Power Blast-ing my active for 100.

I responded to that by playing a Max Potion and attach a Fighting to my Landorus. I then evolve my Vulpix into Ninetales and uses Bright Look on the Trubbish. I then went on to do 30 to his Trubbish and another 30 to his Tornadus EX.

I did this as the Zebstrika was in KO range and I did not want to take a prize too early in the game as I do not want to draw lesser cards when N is played. Moreover, the Zebstrika did not have any energy attached to it so there was no threat of being Disconnected the following turn.

He then went on to switch in his Tornadus EX and hit me but I managed to get a double KO on the Trubbish and zebstrika. Later in the game, I went on to wall with my own Tornadus EX as I ran more healing than he did so I out -tanked him and went on to take the game. Good game Goutham!


Round 2 VS Belp (FuRinKaZan)

At this point I was kind of angry as I had to play against another Singaporean that travelled here. To make things worst he was my good friend and we were both playing the same deck with a difference of 4-5 cards.

I went first this game and opened a Tornadus EX to his lone Vulpix. I had the DCE in hand but did not have the stadium for the donk. I went on to use a level ball to search out a Vulpix of my own to bench and played a N. I drew all 6 cards and whiff on the stadium and did a blow through for 30.

His turn, he searches out a Tornadus EX attaches DCE to it plays down a virbank and lasers me. I could not recall the rest of the match but I knew that he was very unlucky with his draws and flips and I somehow managed to take a win. Good game Belp!


Round 3 VS Jackson (Mewtwo EX, Landorus EX, Tornadus EX, Garbodor)

Yet again I am playing another fellow Singaporean. I felt really bad that we had to play against each other so early in the tournament. He went first this game and opened a lone Trubbish to my Landorus EX. He attaches a DCE to his Trubbish and uses Juniper. He then used garbage collection to put a juniper on the top of his deck.

I attach a Fighting to my Landorus EX searches out for my own Tornadus EX and just hammerhead. The game then developed into a Mewtwo war but when I found out that he had 0 DCE left in his deck, I just went aggro Mewtwo to take the game. Good game Jackson.


Round 4 VS Navin (Blastiose/Keldeo EX/ Black Kyurem EX)

This was a bad matchup for my deck as Black Kyurem is able to OHKO and destroy my board in a matter of turns and I could not 1 shot it. I opened with a lone Vulpix to his lone Keldeo EX and went first. I went on to use Singe to Burn Keldeo EX and played a supporter to find my Tornadus EX to bench it.

His turn, he searches out for another Keldeo EX and Squirtle, Rushing In to the active position. Placed down a tropical beach and draws 4 cards.

I evolve my Vuplix into Ninetales, Bright looks the lone squirtle to knock it out. He responded by benching 2 more Squirtle, attaching a Water to his Keldeo EX with no damage leaving the one with 20 damage from burn in the active and passes.

My turn, I play down a Virbank City Gym and a Laser. I flipped heads and went on to search out for my Bouffalant and set it up for later. I then knock out his active Keldeo EX for 2 prizes and was down to 3 prizes. He then gets a blastiose the following turn with a Keldeo EX with 3 energy to knock out my active Ninetales.

I went on to use Bouffalant’s Gold Breaker and a Laser to hit the Keldeo EX for 150. He went on to search out another Keldeo EX and benches it. I was quite surprised at the third Keldeo as most list only runs 2 of those these days. He then rushes in twice to retreat to his Black Kyurem EX with 4 energy and catchers my fully powered Tornadus EX for the KO.

I went on to hit his active Black Kyurem EX for 150 again with Bouffalant and a Laser and benches down a Landorus EX with a Fighting to prepare to take 4 prizes the following turn. He then whiffs on the Catcher and uses a fresh Keldeo with 5 Water to KO my active Bouffalant. I went on to play a Catcher on the damaged Keldeo EX and hammerhead for the KO on both the active and the damaged Black Kyurem EX for 4 prizes. Good game Navin!


Round 5 VS Yee Wei (Darkrai EX with hammers)


I was feeling good before this round as I was 4-0 and had a pretty high chance of making cut even if I lose the next 2 games. I could not recall much of this game as I played a total of 4 games with him in the event. I remember that his crushing hammers were all heads and I could not manage to fully power up a Landorus EX to sweep his board. Not to mention that he played perfectly against me knowing when to junk hunt, saving his N and putting his night spear damage correctly on my board. The game went downhill for me when I was forced to bench my 170hp EXs against him. Good game Yee Wei!


Round 6 VS Rishwyn (Darkrai EX)

This was a favourable matchup for me as he did not run hammers which means I was free to power up my Landorus EX to sweep his board later in the game. He went first and had a T1 Junk hunt with computer search. I responded by using Landorus to spread damage on his board. The key to this matchup for the Big Basic player is to remove Sableye as soon as possible from the Darkrai’s player’s board as it will cost you many resources to keep switching out of the active because of poison but it does not burn any resources on the Darkrai’s player side as he would just have to junk hunt while setting up his Darkrai. After a few turns into the game, I managed to power up a Landorus with 3 energy and destroyed his board. Good game Rishwyn!


At 5-1, I was able to make it into top 8 and was going to play Rishwyn again.

Top 8 VS Rishwyn (Darkrai EX )

Game 1: I opened with Mewtwo EX to his Sableye. He goes first and had a decent T1 Junk hunt. My turn, I search out a vulpix and a Landorus EX, attaching DCE to my Mewtwo and playing down a Laser to KO his Sableye. The following turn, I attached another energy to my Mewtwo to KO another of his Sableye. I then went on to play energy switch to get the fire off my Mewtwo to my Landorus retreats attach a Fighting to my Landorus EX and hammer head. He managed to night spear my Landorus EX but it was too late and I attach the second Fighting to my Landorus EX and sweep his board.


Game 2: The same thing happened with me opening Mewtwo to his Sableye and taking a T1 KO on it. However, this game he managed to set up a T3 night spear and start powering up a second Darkrai. He managed to knockout my Mewtwo and place damage all over my board. I managed to knock out a Darkrai to get down to 2 prizes but he played a N the following turn. I drew dead for 2 turns and finally top-decked a juniper to end the series. Good games Rishwyn!


Top 4 VS Yee Wei( Darkrai EX with hammers)

Game 1: This game I used Landorus to spread out damage across his board while enduring his hammers. I managed to take 2 Sableye knockouts but I never saw a third energy on my Landorus the entire game. He managed to get off a very quick night spear and started spreading damage over my board. I used my 2 max potions to stay in the game healing off 170 damage on my Landorus EX. The game came down to a 1 card N and if I drew energy I won if not he would win the game next turn with a night spear and I drew the energy to take game 1.


Game 2: I opened with Mewtwo EX to his Sableye and he got off to quite a decent start with Junk hunt. I managed to KO his active Sableye with a DCE and a Laser but he responded with another Sableye and flipped heads on crushing hammer to remove my DCE. I cannot remember much of this game but at a point, I had 3 Landorus EX on my board and 1 with 3 energy. I took a KO on a fresh drakrai with it by discarding the 2 Fighting attached to it instead of playing down a Laser. This cost me the game as he was able to N me to 1 and I drew dead. Not long after he managed to setup another darkrai by using junk hunt to recover and took game 2.


Game 3: This was one of the most stupid games I played the entire season. I went first and opened Landorus EX to his Keldeo EX. I attached a Fighting and hammerhead for 30 keeping my Laser and Virbank in hand in fear of him having a good start. His turn, he plays down Virbank used crushing hammer to remove my Fighting energy, lasers me and passes. I drew nothing so I played down my Laser and passes. Both of us drew dead for the next 2 turns but I had a benched Pokémon so I won by his Keldeo getting knocked out from poison. Great games Yee Wei!


Top 2 VS Lawrence ( Landorus EX/ Tornadus EX/ Mewtwo EX/ Garbador)

Game 1: He went first and opened a Trubbish and a Mewtwo to my lone Landorus EX. He attaches a DCE to his Mewtwo and X-ball me for 40. My hand had Mewtwo and DCE but I did not want to take a gamble to N myself into the switch so I attach my Fighting energy to the Landorus EX and hammerheads. Turn 2 I managed to KO his Mewtwo with my own and he switches to Landorus EX for attacking. I responded by using my Tornadus EX and healing to wall him off and finally took 6 prizes to take game 1.


Game 2: This game was very similar as game 1 but he had 2 evoilte on both of his Landorus T2. In about 4 turns, I managed to knock out one of his fully charged Landorus and N him. He then drew dead while I had a fully powered up Tornadus in the active hitting him for 80 each turn. He then decided to scoop as he could not keep up with the prize Exchange. And so I was the Malaysia States Champ! Good game Lawrence!


The deck ran perfectly and even though there are games which I drew dead, the deck can still function as you need so little to attack. I am at 140CP now and hope to earn my invite by making into top 16 during nationals. It would not be easy but I will be playtesting a lot! If you would like to discuss deck ideas or just playtest with me, feel free to add my facebook (Jeremy Leong).

I would like to end this report by thanking the following people:

Clifton: For coming up with such an excellent deck idea.

Belp: For sharing with me the deck list and tell me what to do in which matchups as I had 0 experience with the deck.

Adrian: For lending me cards so that I am able to build the deck. And that sick 3 N theory haha.

Team Lanvender: For always being there to playtest, eat, buy packs, lending of cards. Let’s all go worlds this year!

Everyone else for being such good friends in this game. (:

Ninetales: For being so useful as a Catcher or as a nuke (150 damage) Love this card.


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