Malaysia States T8 report By Danny Seet

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Guest Writer, Report

Hi Danny here. I have been playing this game since Next Destinies so here is my tournament report for Malaysia states.

I had been playtesting SpeedRai/Hammer time and Blastoise/Keldeo/Black Kyurem(BKB) for Malaysia states although I kept losing my friends such as Jefferson and Joey, as there were a lot of big basics lurking around there like White Tea, Darkrai and Garbodor decks.

But on the day before States, I was confident in my match up with Garbodor decks with BKB but not Darkrai. So I decided lets just go with BKB since I played it for the recent Regionals, Cities and States(which I top 16 with it). So lets move on to the tournament report.

Game 1:1-0

Versus Rayeels

He started out with 2 Tynamos, and use Emogla’s call for family. He benched 1 Rayquaza EX and 1 more tynamo.

I quickly got the T2 Black Ballista and go for the Rayquaza ex. Afterwards he couldnt evolve all his Tynamos so I quickly kill of the Eels with Keldeo EX which he scoops as he couldn’t make a comeback

Game 2 :2-0

Versus White-tea with Garbodor and Ho-oh tech.

I started first with a Black Kyurem, I manually charge it as I whiff on my Squirtle at T1.

So he got the Garbodor lock up and running. I continued to manually charge my Black Kyurem as he couldn’t attack with Tornadus as he whiffed on energies and DCE.

I charged until T4 where I set up my Blastoise and catcher his Garbodor and Black Ballista it for 1 prize, although this wasn’t a good idea to do it… but my Tool Scrapper was prized and apparently the situation was in my favor as he continue whiffing. But afterwards he got the energies but it was too late… I needed 1 more prize to win…

Game 3:3-0

Versus White Tea

I had my Blastoise up at a very late game. But I set up my Black Kyurem again by manually charging it.

My opponent thought he could Mewtwo-DCE, Laser for the KO on my Black Kyurem although I had no damage counters on it and it had 3 energies. His gun rolled heads. During my sleep check, I rolled heads.

I attached 1 water and Black Ballista. which I drew from my prize 2 Squirtle -.-

During my next turn I drew another Squirtle. I quickly bench all 3 and use Tropical Beach. My opponent took the opportunities to go for cheap prizes and he was at 3 prizes and I was at 2 prizes. He catchered my Keldeo and used Laser as he thought another Keldeo was prized.

My turn, I top deck another Keldeo. but the active Keldeo died as he catcher for the cheap prize…. As Tornadus EX was his only attacker that had energies, I set up my Blastoise. I use Juniper and I drew 3 water, 2 energy retrieval, N and a Dowsing. I overcharged my Keldeo EX to go for the secret sword KO, in the end he couldn’t do anything and he forgot to use my beach. I won the game.

 Game 4:4-0

Versus Lawrence Kidd (White Tea Garbodor)

I got my T2 Blastoise after which he had his Garbodor lock but I manage to Skyla for Tool Scrapper. I went ahead to take some cheap prizes by killing of the Tornadus EX and Mewto EX with Black Kyurem. He set up another Garbodor but I manage to top deck a Juniper to use it to get my Dowsing Machine for the game.

Game 5: 4-1

Versus Richard Lee( Speedrai with Hammer techs)

 Played against Leader of Malaysia’s Team Hunter, got off a bad start, couldn’t get my T2 Blastoise. Worst still he manages to get at T2 Night Spear and he took my 2 Squirtle as cheap prizes to prevent me from setting up. I drew a level ball use it realize 2 Squirtle prize. I scoop as I found no way in winning.

Game 6: 4-2

Versus Navin (BKB)

I manage to get a T2 Blastoise, however I didnt had energies to killed his Squirtle at bench. Next turn he set up his Blastoise and use his Keldeo to kill my Blastoise. As I had no Pokémon in my hand, he attach 1 more energy to Keldeo to finish me off.

 Top 8 0-2

Versus Richard Lee(Speed Rai)

Game 1.

Strangely, I can’t remember this game clearly… it is quite fuzzy…

But I lost.

Game 2

I got my T2 Blastoise however for some odd reasons I am whiffing on all my energies, so irritated. Manage to get a prize lead but he caught up with the N… It was indeed a GGWP for me.

Mix feelings about the Top Cut, I guess since it was my 2nd time top-cutting I would probably be under some stress.

My decklist was

Pokemon :12

3 Blastoise

4 Squirtle

2 Keldeo EX

2 Black Kyurem EX

1 Black Kyurem (BCR)

Supporters; 13

4 Juniper

3 N

4 Skyla

2 Colress

Stadiums : 2 Tropical Beach

Items -21

1 Dowsing Machine

2 Super Scoop Up (SSU)

4 Catcher

3 Rare Candy

1 Tool Scrapper

1 Heavy Ball

1 Level Ball

3 Ultraball

1 Switch

4 Energy Retrieval

Energies :12

3 Lightning

9 Water

The reason why I play 3 Rare Candies is to have space for some other cards, the 1 switch is to have a better advantage against Garbodor match up. The SSU is to prevent my Pokemon from dying as it conserves more resources than a Max Potion would at the cost of trying my luck.

Credits to

Clifton for giving advise on the list and also on some of my match ups.

Jeremy and Joey for giving ideas to tech in.

Jefferson for being a good playtest person.

Kennard, Goutham and Jackson – going to Malaysia together.

Toysbar @4A 1st floor Jalan SS22/21 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

for the venue.

Alex for getting us Singapore players taxi for us to get to Time Square, so that we can go home.

Also Congrats to Lawerence and YeeWei on their new shop at Millennium Hobbies Trading, do look out at their page!


Would like to thank some of my church friends who believe and encourage me in this area of my craft.

That’s all!

Good luck to those in Nationals.

  1. rish says:

    good to know we made cut

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