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If you are a reader of my blog, yes all five of you raise your hands, you will know Flip or Die does not usually release decklists unless they are on public domain already. But today is a special occasion, like when you drink too much and regret it in the morning.

So here I am, with a deck list I’m going to post so that people can juxtapose it with an existing one. I’m not out for blood because the flaws in the deck are so obvious even an amateur deckbuilder like me can spot them.

Now I know the intentions for the “bad” list is for the better players to keep their cards closer to their chest, in a manner of speaking. Furthermore it is not said anywhere that it is a “good” or even “decent” list. The exact word used is “concept”. Still, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So I too, took a look around online and remixed a list from the ones I saw. It has 4 Lasers and Virbank to closely resemble the core concept of the Carnival winning list.


4x Virizion EX
3x Genesect EX


4x Professor Juniper
4x N
3x Skyla
2x Colress
3x Shadow Triad


3x Pokemon Catcher
4x Colress Machine
3x Energy Switch
3x Switch
1x Tool Scrapper
1x G Booster (ACE Spec)
1x Town Map
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Virbank City Gym
2x Ultra Ball
1x Team Plasma Ball



8 x Grass
4 x Plasma

Explanations on the card choices below

Virizon EX:

No questions asked, you want to start with it. It is your only starter and your main support ability. Starting with anything else necessitates drawing into the Switch. So you run 4.

Genesect EX:

Ideally you would run 3 as your deck is purely made of EXes anyways. Also, like a darkrai deck with no max pot, you would need a few so you can retreat and force Catchers. Even prizing one or two Genesect would hurt if you run into a bad start so running 4 is also well within reason.

Professor Juniper, N:

Not much explanation needed here. 3 N can be played for more Skyla or even Shadow Triad but shuffle draw is essential for putting plasma energy. The prizes in a game should change fast as you run a pure EX deck which goal is to also take 2 prizes at a time.


Absolutely essential for getting the Colress Machine, Energy Switch and of course the Ace Spec that makes the deck. No less than 2 but 4 can be excessive as very often a large hand is more appreciated when you require more than 1 card to make a play.


Even in the Plasma metagame, Japanese players tend to eschew heavy Colress counts due to its unreliability. I do like 2 copies because it is a Plasma card and thus retrievable if say you got N’d to one card and the one card is Shadow Triad.

Shadow Triad:

Expect Genesect to be knocked out frequently by the likes of Bangle Bouffalant. Shadow Triad is essential for recovery in this deck. You can run only 2 if you like to push your luck as the LaserBank combo gives the deck more flexibility. Being able to take back anything with a blue border is really too good though.

Pokemon Catcher:

On one hand you have a standard Night Spear-stle attack on Genesect, on the other a “kill anything” attack on the Ace Spec. 3 Catcher strikes a nice balance. You need it in match-ups where you have to rely its primary attack or to kill a loaded EX at the back.

Colress Machine:

You run 4 because you want the T2 Genesect. No exceptions. It is literally insane to run this deck without some sort of energy acceleration that is not Virizon’s attack. I would settle for Ether/Pokedex at the very least.

Energy Switch:

Plasma Badge is equally viable, perhaps even more than Energy Switch but it does make you  a target for evil things like Silver Mirror and that new Drifblim. In any case, you would want to play as many as you can.  You need to strike a balance between your other cards though.


A staple in most decks without Keldeo EX.

Tool Scrapper:

Another staple in the future format. Silver Mirror and Silver Bangle are very big parts of the game.


Because if I wanted to snipe for 100 I would run Raikou EX/Eels. No really, you can even activate Genesect’s ability if you really want to. G-Booster should be the only Ace Spec in consideration.

Town Map:

Required to fish out G-Booster if it’s prized.


Very likely to enable Emerald Slash to go for donks  and for Genesect to wean off its Ace Spec addiction. A combination of Laser/Bank + Emerald Slash + MegaloCannon does 180damage. Surprise, surprise!

Ultra Ball/Plasma Ball:

You could very well max out Genesect and take out the Plasma Ball, but having it in the discard is always good. Ultra Ball hurts but it is the only card that can search for everything in the deck.

Grass Energy:

You can run more if you whiff often. I like 8. It is an even number.

Plasma Energy:

4 of, no exceptions. You need it for a T1 or T2 attack. You can even use it with Shadow Triad as a “surprise” catcher with Genesect’s ability. Running anything less than 4 is some kind of joke.

  1. pokemans says:

    Why do you want to start Virizion EX to accelerate Genesect? You said yourself you want T2 genesect, which is T1 attch, T2 colress machine and attach. Virizion EX doesn’t help you with that, because it’s attack costs 2 energy, and it can’t be accelerated by colress machine. I just see it as a bench sitter.

    • JKTan says:

      Hi, sorry about that. It was a leftover from when I erroneously thought a T1 Virizon could be achieved with Energy Switch.

      In actual fact there can be two ways of approaching the deck. One is to let Virizon take a more mid-game, anti-Laser approach.
      The other is to go for the whole Plasma Badge, Colress Machine shebang.

  2. jaxson says:


    g booster; does it get discarded at the end of the turn

    also, when will these cards be banned?

    lastly, is this a plasma deck basicaly?

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