The Nationals Report with decklist

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was a tumultuous month leading to Nationals. I had been experimenting with various Plasma and Darkrai builds.

Darkrai was not very good. While it had an amazing skill-based game I felt that it’s reliance on Dark Patch often let it down.
Having expected a 4 corner Plasma-Darkrai-Blastoise-Gothitelle fight in Nats, I knew that Darkrai’s game against the stage 2 decks suffered.

I also had almost zero confidence with the deck in a tournament due to a lack of experience. I could never trust myself to make the right decisions during a tournament.

Hence, I really, really wanted to play Plasma. Thanks to Reuben and Jeremy I fulfilled that on the day of Nats, so thanks guys =)

Long introductions bore me, so let’s get to the report proper.

Round 1 Joel/TDK
I have a good amount of confidence in the mirror. It was all about setting up KOs with Frost Spear. Unexpectedly, I start my lone Keldeo EX. My opponent opens Thundurus EX and my heart sinks a little.
However he can’t get any energy in his discard and he went to prepare his Deoxys for Helix Force against the Kyurem I was slowly charging up.
A bit later, I sense an opening when he puts up his Absol to attack and I send my own Absol up for the KO with LaserBank. The prize trade continues until it comes down to me sealing the game with a catcher on his Kyurem and a Water energy drop on my own Kyurem.
Like all good stories, the twist comes at the penultimate moment. My opponent uses an N, a leftover from his relatively slow start. I draw my one card. It is Colress Machine.
All he needs is his own Catcher to wipe my Kyurem off, along with all my energy on field. He doesn’t do it and passes.
I draw and top deck a Colress. My deck had less than 20 cards and I knew I had all 4 catchers from the Colress Machine. Time to win! I Colress’d for 5 cards, much to the disappointment of my opponent. I drew nothing.
Now it was up to my opponent. Did he have his own Catcher? He had something even better for me, another N to one. I drew something incredibly useless. I was pretty close to yet another Round 1 loss at this time, had I not drew the game winning Catcher.


Round 2 Pokedad/LandoMewtwoGarbodor
My opponent suffers from a supporter drought while I get the T2 Blizzard burn on a Mewtwo EX and then a Landorus EX. Poor luck for my opponent but I felt that my deck was working.


Round 3 Jefferson/Gothitelle
This is an autoloss, barring poor prizes by the Goth player. He set ups smoothly while I start Absol and miss my energy attachments. GG


Round 4 Vincent/TDK
I start Thundurus vs his Deoxys. Good signs all around. Until I N myself into a hand with no supporters. My opponents uses N but I still don’t get any more supporters. He then proceeds to discard all his other Ns while I fail to take even 2 prizes.


Round 5 Alvis/WeavileEggs
Alvis plays well despite using an admittedly rogue deck. On the other hand I failed to match up to his level of play due to my carelessness numerous times. The two losses might have put me on tilt more than I cared to admit at that time. Unfortunately for Alvis he faces a couple of rough turns, having to rely on Electrode for draw. He also prized at least one Exeggcute. That coupled with my decent set-up means I steamroll him.


Round 6 Kennard/ZekEels
Having known Kennard’s deck after scouting the better players after my fast Round 2, there is a slight sense of dread.
I know his build is specific to countering decks like TDK. My strategy had to be to pick off Eeletriks with Kyurem then using Deoxys to war against his Zekroms and Bouffants.
I get the lone Kyurem start to his Zekrom and think it is my game to win. Kennard starts with a supporter drought but a Mr. Mime and an Eeletrik in play. Those prove to my undoing as he slowly set-ups while I’m forced to overextend to KO the Mime. The game drags on as he recovers with a chain of Bicycles to finally draw into supporters consistently. I lose on time in the end as I run out of Energy to take my last couple of prizes.


Round 7 Wei Ye/LandorusMewtwoGarbodor
My opponent starts off fairly slowly with a Mewtwo to my Deoxys. I KO the Mewtwo with Deoxys and later a Landorus EX with Kyurem. However he has the lock up and he slowly bleeds me of my resources.
We go toe to toe in prizes in the end and all he needs is the Laser/Fighting or DCE on his Mewtwo to finish up. My opponent does something fairly excruciating by choosing to attach the Fighting Energy first before he Junipers to draw most of his deck, sans a couple of cards. He gets the DCE but whiffs the Laser. In the end though, I’m not one to complain for a win to make my record positive.


Reuben Fong, the grandmaster for all the RHs and playset of FA Deoxys that allowed me to fufill my desire of playing Plasma at the biggest tournament of the season in Singapore.
Jeremy Leong for always considering to lend me cards during tournaments, albeit often too late. 😛
Jeremy Leong again, for using Gothitelle/Accelgor to topcut. As much as I hate the deck, you are definitely the best person to use it.
Wilson Choo, for top cutting with Darkrai and supporting me throughout the season.
All the other players I have playtested and discussed decks with. Shoutout to Clifton, Gotham and Kenneth!

Starting with my one-ofs half the tournament.
Using an untested build of my plasma deck, last modified on the 2nd of June.
My losses putting me on tilt, not only did I play badly in my last three games, I failed in my mission to fully enjoy Nationals.


Lastly, here’s my decklist which needed more tweaking in retrospect. But I liked it. It was geared towards getting the devastating T1 frost spear/T2 blizzard burn while including tech attackers Thundurus and Absol for the mid-game. Unfortunately I started with them too often.

4 Kyurem (PF 31)
4 Deoxys EX (PF 53)
1 Absol (PF 67)
1 Thundurus EX (PF 38)
1 Keldeo EX (BC 142)

4 Professor Juniper (BW 101)
4 N (NV 92)
2 Colress (PS 135)
4 Pokemon Catcher (EP 95)
1 Dowsing Machine (PS 128)
2 Virbank City Gym (PS 126)
4 Hypnotoxic Laser (PS 123)
1 Team Plasma Ball (PF 105)
4 Colress Machine (PS 119)
2 Float Stone (PF 99)
3 Skyla (BC 134)
2 Ultra Ball (DE 102)
3 Switch (BW 104)

4 Plasma Energy (PS 127)
4 Prism Energy (ND 93)
1 Water Energy (BW 107)
4 Blend Energy WLFM (DR 118)


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