About me


I’m Jake, a Pokemon TCG player from Singapore. I like to do two things: show off local players, and translate stuff from Japanese blogs.

All images used here are the property of their respective creators and copyright owners.

  1. Dear Jake,
    My name is Gianni and I’m working on a Tokyo Otaku Guide.
    While gathering information on trading cards and card playing I found your interesting blog.
    There is a photo I really like (see link https://flipordie.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/p3060015.jpg). I guess you took that picture yourself? I wonder if I could use it in my book to show what actually goes on during a Gym Challenge.
    Of course if for whatever reason I can’t use it, I will understand.
    Sorry to bother you with this request, and congratulations on your cool blog!
    Best regards,
    Gianni Simone

    Please reply to jb64jp@yahoo.co.jp

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