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After a long wait, the official PTCG blog in Japan has finally revealed one of the winning lists for Battle Carnivals. Those going to Worlds might very well want to see how one of their fellow competitors from Japan builds his decks!

B-League’s Kakinoki Junichi


3 Genesect EX
4 Virizon EX
4 Drifloon (Megalo-Cannon)
2 Drifblim (DE)
2 Drifblim (Megalo-Cannon)
1 Mr.Mime (PLF)

Pokemon: 16

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
4 Skyla
2 Colress
1 Shadow Triad
3 Ultra Ball
3 Pokemon Catcher
2 Energy Switch
2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Colress Machine
1 G-Booster
1 Tropical Beach
2 Skyarrow Bridge

Trainers: 31

10 Grass
3 Plasma

Energy: 13



B-League (Master-Seniors)

1st place: Genesect EX/Virizon EX/Drifblim BCR/Drifblim Megalo-Cannon /Mr. Mime

2nd place: Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX/Victini

3rd place: Darkrai/Absol ps/Sableye

4th place: Gothitelle/Accelgor/Musharna/Dusknoir

A-League (Juniors)

1st place: Trubbish/Sigilyph/Sawk/Masquerain


2nd place: Team Plasma with Cobalion and Keldeo EX

3rd place: Team Plasma

4th place: Team Plasma with Absol Ps and Keldeo EX

Spoilers for the new cards in the first place decks are as follows, credits to

Sawk – Fighting – HP90
Basic Pokemon

[C] Square Kick: 10+ damage. If the Defending Pokemon is a Team Plasma Pokemon, this attack does 40 more damage.
[F][C][C] Low Kick: 60 damage.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

Drifblim – Psychic – HP100
Stage 1 – Evolves from Drifloon

Ability: Floaty Balloon
Each of this Pokemon’s attacks require one less [C] Energy for each Team Plasma Pokemon your opponent has in play.

[C][C][C] Derail: 70 damage. Discard 1 Energy card attached to the Defending Pokemon.

Weakness: Darkness (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 0

Sigilyph – Psychic – HP90
Basic Pokemon

Ability: Item Box
This Pokemon can have up to 4 Pokemon Tools attached to it. (If this Ability is negated, discard Pokemon Tools until there’s one left.)

[P][C][C] Cutting Wind: 70 damage.

Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 1

Masquerain – Grass – HP80
Stage 1 (Team Plasma) – Evolves from Surskit

Ability: Reversing Tool
Any number of times during your turn (before your attack), you may return a Pokemon Tool card attached to one of your Pokemon to your hand.
[C][C][C] Bug Bite: 60 damage.

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: none


Retreat: 1

Hello my dear readers, I must apologize for the lack of updates. Life has been far too busy and there was a lack of Premier Play events in Singapore. However I did plan for a trip to Japan and that has finally been done with. I shall detail the Pokemon-related things that happen below.

Like all good PTCG players, I made my way down to Akihabara, Tokyo where the passion for Pokemon burns brightest (ie. all the nerds are there)

The street of maids, moe and electronics, Akihabara

The street of maids, moe and electronics, Akihabara

I was led to a shop called Cherumo by a Japanese acquaintance. Located in one of the numerous buildings along Akihabara, it would have been easily missed had it not been an A4-sized poster outside with Pokemon related images pasted on it. Taking a cramped and suspicious elevator to the fourth floor, we exit to find a feast for any Pokemon TCG player. Cards and Japan-exclusive sleeves display neatly in shelves and on the walls.

The wall of shiny cards

The wall of shiny cards

More cards

More cards

All the sleeves you can stuff like stacks of cash.

All the sleeves you can stuff like stacks of cash.

I arrived too late for the gym challenge but managed to get a glimpse of the participating players. As it was a weekday, the number of players were small. Spectating was in itself a sport though, learning about which new cards were viable and how Japanese players play the game.

For those unfamiliar, Japan’s casual play system is unlike that internationally. Instead of just coming together to play, they have mini-tournaments called Gym Challenges. Participating for prizes always adds a little spice to your normal play!

I’m pretty certain that the joy as they play is the same anywhere else. However, I really like how they can sometimes just use quirky decks, which is something I don’t quite see in Singapore.

Black was obviously the colour of the day

Black was obviously the colour of the day in more ways than one

After their gym challenge ended, I passed around some otherwise useless reverse foils as souvenirs for the people there. A pretty good souvenir as Japan does not have reverse foils thus making it a memorable gift.

I also managed to squeezed in a couple of games before I had to make my leave. Playing against a Plasma deck with RayEels, I lost horribly both games. These new cards are not to be trifled with!

While I would like to go into more detail as to how the metagame is like, I’m afraid a single gym challenge with 4 people doesn’t really give insights nor do I feel that the information is would be of sufficient quality.

I also managed to make a trip down to the Pokemon Center. I was not sure of their in-store policy when it came to taking photos, so I only took photos of its exterior.


That’s all and look forward to future articles!

Here’s the second part of what I had wanted to write: A look at the decks of the metagame around the Battle Carnival (BC) period in Japan.


They do claim that imitation is the best form of flattery.