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Having shot to prominence with his 1st place Regionals report, Kennard Tham should be a familiar name since the previous month.

Join me as we take a look at how Kennard ticks!

One of the few photos I managed to find of Kennard which isn't of him displaying his bulging muscles.

One of the few photos I managed to find of Kennard which isn’t of him displaying his bulging muscles.



2013 Fall Regionals Report

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Report
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It’s going to be Winter y’know. Not that it matters in Singapore.

I had been testing a variety of Eel-based decks prior to Regionals, mainly because I was living on a budget and had no spare cash for all the new-fangled stuff. I reluctantly tried out RayEels even as I’ve hated relying on Eeletriks ever since Darkrai’s release. While playing solitaire I ran into frequent problems, such as a lack of energy in discard pile T2, which only reinforced my conviction it was strictly inferior to Mewtwo/Eels variants. However as I trawled the internet I came upon two rayeels lists which I thought would be good if I took their techs and put them in the same deck. After much flip-flopping the day before I decided to play RayEels because I had so much luck I should have been playing the slots in Vegas instead.


It wishes it looked half as cool as Blaziken